Why a Newborn Photographer Makes All the Difference


Hi mama! Congrats on your little one on the way!! This is such a special time in life and seriously I already know it’s going by so fast. You’re probably busy researching photographers for this special moment and you might have several options in your mind. You could choose to hire the photographer from your wedding, or maybe your sister is just getting started in photography, or maybe you found some new options on Instagram or Pinterest! Or, you could choose to hire a newborn photographer.

As you consider your options, hear me out: HIRE A NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THESE PHOTOS. Not any photographer who has pretty pictures, but a photographer who specializes in newborn photography.  


Here’s my input on why working with a photographer who specializes in newborns will make all the difference: 

Newborn safety training. As a newborn photographer, I’ve invested in safety training that ensures I know what to look for in posing your sweet baby. I know exactly how to handle your babe safely and securely. We want to keep your little one in only the safest hands at all times. Be sure to ask your photographer if they’ve received newborn safety training before booking. 

Posing prompts for emotion and connection. If your posing is awkward and stiff your photos will likely feel, well… awkward and stiff. Hiring a photographer who specializes in the sweet newborn snuggles and the dreamy motherhood moments will ensure your photos will be filled with emotion and connection. 

Experience with young children. Next, if baby has a toddler or preschool age sibling, you’ll definitely want some stunning and sweet photos of them during the session as well. Likely images of the sibling on their own, then with the baby, and also for sweet moments as a whole family. Toddlers can be really tricky to work with in a short amount of time, and an experienced newborn photographer will know all the tricks and prompts to keep them happy and engaged!

Hiring a photographer with positivity, patience, and LOTS of experience with toddlers will make all the difference! 

Working quickly and efficiently. Time is precious during a newborn session. Your baby will eventually wake up, siblings will lose their attention span and need to eat lunch, and mama needs to nurse (and probably a nap) 🙂 Again, time is precious in this season! Hiring a newborn photographer will ensure every sweet moment of your session was captured beautifully. Keeping the process as short and sweet and enjoyable as possible. 🙂

newborn photographer
newborn photographer

Are you ready to hire a newborn photographer in the Sacramento area? Look no further! Contact me today! Can’t wait to hear from you! 

You got this, Mama! 


Kelsey Krall


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