How to Prepare for a Smooth and Simple Newborn Session


Hi mama! You’re pregnant with a little cutie – congrats Mama! I see you getting ready to book your newborn session and I’m here to help!! As a Sacramento newborn photographer, here’s what I recommend to help your newborn session go smoothly, and to make life easier for you:

Before the Session:

1. First, have a plan for what to wear – (or better yet, outsource this to your photographer!). The closer you get to your due date, the less you want to have this on your plate. Does your photographer provide a client wardrobe? This will make planning SO much easier for you, mama. Really though, during this season of life you have so much planning to do, leaving this to the photographer will ensure that you end up with gorgeous outfits that coordinate, photograph well, and are cleaned, steamed, and ready to go. All you need to do is show up and wear them!!

2. Hair and makeup – trust me mama, you won’t regret this. Some photographers will offer recommendations for hair and makeup artists in your area. Even better, some photographers include this in their experience!! Its totally normal for women to feel potentially self conscious about their appearance during this delicate pregnancy and postpartum season. I totally get that!! This is honestly all the more reason to invest in hair and makeup the day of your session. You want to feel gorgeous and confident that day, and you want to love the way you look as you walk past the art on your wall for years to come. You really wont regret it! 

Day of Your Session:

3. The day of your session: make sure baby has been fully fed just before the time of your session begins. This might mean waking your baby or adjusting the baby’s feeding schedule for the day. Trust me, it will be worth i t! A baby with a full tummy is most likely to be a happy baby. Try to keep the baby awake close to a full hour before the session begins, so he/she will be easily soothed to sleep and stay asleep throughout the duration of the session.

4. If your lifestyle newborn session is in-home, prep your home. Choose a couple of the rooms in your house with the best natural light to remove clutter and tidy up. Minimal decor keeps the focus on your sweet family and creates a stunning setting for photographs. 

5. Lastly, prep older siblings for success! Avoid screen time immediately before or during the photo session. Assign dad or another family member to the role of keeping the kids happy – focusing on their needs and playing with them so they’re having fun before the session even begins!! Choose a photographer that has plenty of experience working with littles and knows how to brign out those sweet natural smiles and giggles from them. Trust me, mama, those are the moments you want to keep forever!

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You got this, Mama! 


Kelsey Krall


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