Top 5 Best Locations for Your Maternity Session in the Sacramento Area: Fall Edition


Fall is just around the corner and here in the Sacramento area! I get so excited for the Fall because that means gorgeous location options are before you for your maternity session! Here are my top five favorite fall-time locations for portraits locally: 

Pampas Grass

This setting is just stunning, and there’s nothing like it! They typically bloom in mid-autumn, and the fields can be difficult to find. I just love how the pampas bring opportunities for creative framing and details, and that sunset light shining through the pampas is just gorgeous. 

Golden Field

maternity session

This setting is so classic and peaceful – i love the open skies and big open space, and the soft neutral color palette it provides, allowing the subjects to really shine. 

Folsom Lake

maternity session

This setting also provides soft, neutral tones with sand and rocks. It can be a bit windy at times, but I personally love the depth the wind brings to the photos. 


maternity session

If you time it just right you might be able to capture some gorgeous fall colors along the trails in the Sacramento area! Finding locations with fall colors can be difficult as a photographer, with so many factors to consider, not to mention how quickly fall colors are changing! So trust your photographer here. 

American River

This location is stunning, and so very Northern California – esqe to me! The rocks and water add beautiful detail and depth to the setting.

Are you a soon-to-be mama wanting to book a maternity session? I would LOVE to hear from you! Go ahead and click HERE! Talk to you soon!

Kelsey Krall


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