I am super passionate about making new mama friends, and serving mamas in the very best ways possible! Over the last several years of photographing young families, i've learned exactly what it takes to get the most beautiful images of your family, and also what it takes to make the experience simple and stress-free for you. Both are equally important to me - beautiful photos and a luxury experience! being able to provide my clients with both of these things is what makes the kelsey krall photography experience that i'm so proud to offer. 

photographer and mama of three

i'm kelsey


get to know  us

- i grew up in southern Oregon
- my husband David and i were college sweethearts
- we moved to Folsom from the LA area in 2020 and LOVE it 
- i've had three c-sections (not my first choice, but worth it!)
- i was totally convinced that my second son was definitely a girl... (and spoiler, i was wrong!)
- i really really love baby snuggles

meet kelsey

Family Photographer Sacramento

some fun facts

(in no particular order)
- coffee
- the ocean
- staying home
- baby snuggles

meet kelsey

my favorite things

- Lake Tahoe
- romantic comedies
- Paris

i am a mama to jaxon, zander and ava and they are my total pride and joy!! they are all three the sweetest and silliest and they make my life so much better every day!

meet kelsey

my pride and joys

the main hallway of my grandmother's house is lined with large framed professional portraits that my grandmother had taken with all of her grandchildren over the years. I remember once every two or three years my grandma would take my cousins, my siblings, and I over to JCPenney to take a new group portrait. In the first portrait I'm barely one year old, and in the final portrait I'm about seventeen.

my grandma had every year's portrait printed, framed and hung on display in her hallway, and that's where they stayed for decades. The massive portraits were all packed tightly together in one rather small hallway, the whole wall was filled frame to frame. and every visit growing up I would often linger in that hallway. I loved studying the photos and being flooded with memories that only came with them. i loved marveling at my grandmother's appearance and watching it slowly and gracefully change with age. 

I learned how powerful printed artwork can be through these portraits. like my grandmother, I want to leave a legacy through portraits and tell the story of this present time to my children. i want  to invest in the memories of this moment and i want my children to cherish them with me. i want to be in the photos, so i can better remember what it was like - the good and the really hard and just cherish all of it. 

it started at my grandmother's...

the "why"

the heart behind what I do

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