Navigating Light: A Deep Dive into My Lighting Approach for In-Home Newborn Portraits



Hi mama! Let’s talk about in-home lighting for your newborn portraits. I’ll be the first to tell you, as a natural light photographer, that the single MOST IMPORTANT factor in quality newborn portraits in-home is the light ✨.  I’m less concerned with which exact room we’re in, and all about harnessing the beautiful natural light in your home. 

When I step into your home, my first move is a quick tour! It won’t be to admire your furniture but to soak in the natural lighting. I flip off overhead lights, open shutters, and widen curtains, searching for rooms bathed in bright, indirect light – the kind that adds a touch of sunshine to everything! I’ve captured some of my very favorite images of a session in some unexpected areas, like a stairway, the kitchen, or in front of the closet doors. Trust me, the location doesn’t matter as much as the best light does!

Now, no need to stress if your space has a mix of direct and indirect light or lacks abundant sunshine. I’m a pro at making most lighting situations work, and sometimes, those unexpected spots yield the most stunning images.

It’s not about the cute crib or stylish wallpaper! It’s about how light gently plays, enhancing skin tones, banishing shadows, and infusing warmth and softness into every image. And I KNOW that’s what we want in your portraits. 

If you’re ready to bring the magic of in-home lighting to your newborn portraits, CLICK HERE to connect with me! Can’t wait to work together. 



Kelsey Krall


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