4 Tools for Portrait Sessions with Toddlers



Capturing that perfect toddler portrait? Not exactly a walk in the park, I know this especially as a mama of three myself. I get the hesitation and anxiety—it’s a real struggle getting those little ones to play along! But hey, good news! I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to ensure every toddler portrait session goes off without a hitch.

1. A Toy That Sparks Smiles in Your Toddler

For the 9-18 month age group, bring along a special toy or stuffie that makes them light up with smiles. We’re talking about that go-to item that instantly sparks joy. For older toddlers, it’s probably best to leave the comfort items at home and opt for something fun that won’t be a distraction.

2. Silly Me!

When it comes to toddlers, I peek from behind the camera, make silly faces, and even tickle them with the feather duster. Whatever it takes to get that genuine smile!


3. Parent Prompts

I keep parents in the loop with prompts like “Daddy’s gonna get you.” It’s a quick way to figure out what clicks and capture that sweet, genuine smile within seconds.

4. Bring Bribes, AKA Snacks!

Parents, listen up—pack those bribes! Trust me, it’s always a smart move to have some food or candy handy, just in case I’m not entertaining enough. Gummies tend to work like magic and can be used as a last resort if needed.

5. Additional Props for Playfulness

In addition to any other items, I come prepared with my own set of props, such as a feather duster, puppets, and a wooden car. These new distractions grab their attention and add a playful touch to the photos.

I keep it chill, fun, and easygoing. The goal? Make the toddler portrait session a blast! No negative vibes here—positive reinforcement is the name of the game. Instead of dwelling on discipline, let’s focus on creating a positive and enjoyable experience for your energetic toddler.

Mama, if you’re pondering family photos with your little ball of energy, I hope this puts your mind at ease. Any questions? Shoot them my way! Click HERE

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