Ensuring Newborn Safety: My Approach to Keeping Your Baby Secure


Hey there, mama! Trusting your newborn to someone else can feel like the last thing you want to spend your limited emotional energy on! I completely understand the unease that comes with it. Your baby’s safety is of utmost importance, and I want to share how I prioritize their well-being throughout the entire portrait experience.

#1- Washing Up

First things first – cleanliness is key! As soon as I step into your home, I make a beeline for the sink to thoroughly wash my hands, getting into every nook and cranny, including under my nails. I take that extra moment to sanitize my camera too, just to be extra cautious.


#2 – Wrapping Know-How

I’ve got the wrapping game down. Knowing just how snug to wrap your baby is crucial. While creating those adorable wraps, I’m also keeping a close eye on your baby’s hands and feet to ensure their circulation is A-okay.

#3 – Always in Touch with Your Newborn

When I’m holding your baby, rest assured, I’ve got multiple points of contact. Supporting the head and the bum simultaneously is second nature to make sure your little one feels secure and comfortable.

#4 – Perfect Positions

Positioning your baby for those frame-worthy shots is an art. I pay special attention to the placement of the head and neck, making sure there’s ample airflow, especially when adjusting the baby’s chin.

I hope knowing these details eases any concerns you might have about entrusting me with your sweet bundle of joy! If you’re an expectant mama looking forward to a newborn session, let’s chat! Click HERE to reach out. Can’t wait to connect with you soon!



Kelsey Krall


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